samedi 16 février 2008

DJ Bootsie The Silent Partner

(Ugar Records, 2004)
Mon excellente camarade de Le klariscope nous recommande ce musicien et son CD The Silent Partner.

DJ Bootsie is a musician from Hungary. His CD The Silent Partner presents edgy electronica where trip hop beats are combined with Hungarian folk melodies and ambient atmospheres. DJ Bootsie is not a studio phenomenon. He takes his remarkable music live, using turntables and programming, accompanied by cellist Albert Markos, guitarist Gergely Kovacs and drummer Tibor Lazar.
In addition to his solo work, DJ Bootsie also composes film scores and provides the basic structure for several Hungarian rap performers.
If you enjoy adventurous global electronica, check out this excellent Hungarian twist on the genre.
Buy the CD:
In North America: The Silent Partner
In Europe: The Silent Partner

Source World Music Central

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