jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Europe needs to send Hungary a signal

Un article de Jan-Werner Mueller, professeur de sciences-politiques à l’Université de Princeton paru dans The Guardian.
"It's time the EU made some noise about Hungary's attacks on democracy and the rule of law.
One effect of the financial crisis has been to make European countries more inward-looking: everyone is dealing with their own problems (and debts) as best as they can, and attention only shifts elsewhere in the EU when a nation might default altogether, as with Greece and now Ireland. But the EU was never meant to be just about money and markets: at least from the 1980s onwards, it was also meant to promote and secure democracy. This was particularly important for Spain and Portugal and then the central and eastern European states that joined in 2004. But now the EU seems to be turning a blind eye to one of these countries: Hungary, where a governing party with a huge majority in parliament is busy dismantling the rule of law and eroding a fragile democratic political culture." La suite sur

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